“Do you think it’s ok that people share Netflix passwords?”

Absolutely, Netflix provided a means to do this from the founding of the company, so either they intended to make pw sharing ok or they didn’t act on it for over a decade now so they’re clearly ok with it. If they aren’t anymore then maybe I’m not ok with forking over money for a family plan anymore. Businesses and consumers have their rights and prerogatives, Netflix can run their company into the ground, their prerogative. But regardless of what we think consumers should or shouldn’t do, I maintain that businesses should never be held as an example of what should be done, as their only goal is to mindlessly make money. Asking what companies should do is like asking if an insect should eat its young or a fungus should grow here or there. It is a corporation, it is a thing, it had no mind or intent except to consume. People, human beings, should act in particular ways, governments of/for/by the people should act in certain ways, companies just act and eventually die. Netflix will do things and people will either benefit or suffer. But suggesting that Netflix or any company remotely cares about the consumer or person behind the purchase is painful and nostalgic. The economy has become so conglomerated, so abstracted away from reality, from life. Just as we have unhitched our currency from tangible gold and abstracted it into all sorts of baroque trade and machinations that wreck the economy and boggle the mind, so have we done to commerce. Gone are the days of general stores, bakeries, pharmacies where you knew and were neighbors with the owner who was behind the counter. Everything has to be anonymized, micro-transacted at every breath you take, standardized, and sterilized, so shareholders have no more ramifications for robbing the consumers more and more and more. I’m so, so sick of searching hard just for a reputable vendor, just for a product that works and doesn’t break in a year, just for an honored warranty, just for a human on the other end of the phone line who is unscripted and empowered to assist. I’m so tired of knowing that either I will pay 4–5 times what something is worth or flip a coin to see if I’m going to have to wrestle with customer service/a product return for the next 2 months. I’m so discouraged that this is the world our kids are growing up in. I believe in capitalism, but whatever we have going on now… let me tell you, if all these misguided youth want to burn down our current ‘capitalist’ system to replace with something inevitably worse, I would heartily say that we deserved it for creating such a toxic, hostile abomination of what used to be capitalism. These good things can be fixed, and they only endure with a culture of trust, respect, and integrity.


This is a brief, witty, and rhyming Bio. Would that equally small be the money I owe.

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Yi and Yang

This is a brief, witty, and rhyming Bio. Would that equally small be the money I owe.