I am in a prison of business and busyness. A cycle of work and sleep and no passion. Food without taste, water that doesn’t quench, eating just to vomit later. There is nothing useful that I can do, not that I have the time for when energized, or that I have the energy for when not pressed for time. It is that loath-able form of traffic, when you go slow enough not to see any real progress, but moves just enough to force you to give it your attention and energy.



Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and hard will that heavy head fall.

When without a body, and body without head, a body and head aren’t at all.

When in fury we cut our leaders off, we often fail to see:

We are much less than the sum of our parts when separate.

That’s the power inherent in ‘we’.



  • Long, thick nose hair
  • Long, thick ear hair
  • Itchy testicles
  • Burrs, plants, random stuff getting caught in one’s arm/leg/chest hair
  • Long, thick anus hair that everything gets caught and dries in
  • Facial hair and razor burn on your face
  • Excessive sweating 70% of your life
  • Sweat matting down your body hair
  • No decent options for soap/shampoo
  • Incredible waves of testosterone
  • Excessive flatulence
  • Male pattern baldness



(Circa 02SEP2020)

May you always have a good connection

May the integrity of your mute button never fail

May your toilet paper never run out

May your children always want to take a nap

May your mask be protective and breathable

May your mail always be on time

May your spouse still find you charming

May your odor be never disarming

May you always be stimulus-check-eligible

May your reaction to the vaccine be negligible



Yi and Yang

This is a brief, witty, and rhyming Bio. Would that equally small be the money I owe.